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Title : · TOP 25 · January 2018 | Kpop Playlists
Description : (song list below) 👇 Top 25 songs from January 2018 (2018.01.01-2018.01.28) based on Korean Digital Charts (melon, genie, bugs, naver) All details about points are in the link below.

Second change from 2018 guys, I decided to make “my own” top 25 using the digital charts, as you can see, now I’m also using naver weekly chart.
The system I’m using is pretty simple, I give points to each position from the Top 10 Weekly chart and then the final Top is decided adding together all the points of every platform. You have all the details about this here:
On that link you have the position for every song on every chart (I’m only using Weekly Top 10) and also all the points for every song. The songs with the same amount of points I did a VS section, where you can see better which one did better, and if even with that they are the same, the one with better place will be the one with better position on the next week chart.
OST and international songs are not included
Please, let me know your thoughts about this and if you like this change or not ^^

2018 changes (when I have some spare time I'll work more on this, I did it really fast so I think I can explain things better)


couldnt include: Park Hyo Shin 박효신 - Sound of Winter 겨울소리
0:00 #25 NU'EST W 뉴이스트 W - WHERE YOU AT [3p]
3:07 #24 Zion.T – 눈SNOW feat. Lee Moon Sae 이문세 [4p]
7:05 #23 Block B 블락비- Don’t Leave 떠나지마요 [5p]
11:00 #22 MOMOLAND 모모랜드- BBoom BBoom 뿜뿜 [5p]
14:27 #21 Jonghyun 종현- Shinin 빛이 나 [6p]
17:16 #20 Jong Shin Yoon 윤종신 - Like it 좋니 [6p]
22:38 #19 Naul 나얼- Emptiness in Memory 기억의 빈자리 [7p]
27:13 #18 JBJ - My Flower 꽃이야 [8p]
30:24 #17 iKON - LOVE SCENARIO 사랑을 했다 [9p]
33:50 #16 OH MY GIRL 오마이걸 - Secret Garden 비밀정원 [10p]
37:50 #15 Infinite 인피니트- Tell Me [10p]
41:40 #14 Yang Da Il 양다일- lie 미안해 [13p]
45:14 #13 Punch 펀치 - At Night 밤이 되니까 [13p]
48:35 #12 Kim Dong Ryul 김동률- 사랑한다 말해도 (Feat. 이소라)[15p]
53:29 #11 Chungha 청하- Roller Coaster [26p]
#10 Park Hyo Shin 박효신 - Sound of Winter 겨울소리 [29p]
57:01 #09 Suzy 수지 - I Love Someone Else 다른사람을 사랑하고 있어[ 31p]
01:00:39 #08 TWICE 트와이스 - Heart Shaker [35p]
01:03:44 #07 Sunmi 선미- Heroine 주인공 [49p]
01:06:53 #06 MoonMoon 문문 - Contrail 비행운 [68p]
01:09:48 #05 Melomance 멜로망스- Gift 선물 [68p]
01:14:01 #04 Kim Dong Ryul 김동률- Reply 답장 [72p]
01:19:53 #03 Bolbbalgan4 볼빨간사춘기 - First Love #첫사랑 [86p]
01:23:18 #02 DEAN – instagram [93p]
01:27:30 #01 Jang Deok Cheol 장덕철 - Good old days 그날처럼 [129p]
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