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Title : Stallin Prod.LoudBeats
Description : Intro: Phlatt(Echo) Yea man
These niggas be stallin
You betta be cautious

Verse 1: Man these nigga make nautious/
(uh, yea) So I throw up like gang signs and it land all in yo nigga conscience/
(ughh, yea) The way these niggas rap now you would, you would, you would think we in a contest/
But im on a conquest/
I try'd so hard to be modest/
Im tired all these niggas an they non-sense/
Like tryna take a shit with a non-scent/
And even if a nigga had 9 cents/
I prolly spend it all on my mom rent/
While you give it to a bitch for her time spent/
Like you hot shit but you not bitchhhh/
You bout to get rinsed in a mosh pit/
You is not shit fallback in to yo closet/
Good with the Pen? will lyrically we can lock legs
Nigga sock heads bitch you fucking with Loch Ness/
And bitch I got lot stress/
Eyes-wide I dont know how to rest/
So if you wanna fuck with beast have a seat please you can be my guest/

Them niggas be stallin/
Them niggas be: Be Be Be Be Be
Them niggas be: Be Be Be Be Be
Why these niggas be stallin?/
Them niggas be: Be Be Be Be Be
Them niggas be: Be Be Be Be Be
Them niggas be: Be Be Be Be Be
Why these niggas be stallin?/

Verse 2: I don't know what to call it?/
From LA all the way to New Orleans/
These niggas claim they ballin/
Let them tell it cause they all wear jordans/
(Whatttt?) Like honest??? (Whatttt?)/
Tell a bitch that you got the biggest dick when she ask for a pic
nigga aint send shit/
Claim you move dope but I seen no bricks/
Why I need to know, why you got loose lips/
Niggas so thirsty when the juice drip/
Hit a nigga click clack with the full clip/
(Now you lyin)
You aint even gotta gun/
Claim you bout ta ball for ya boys but you outta funds/
Then you slide ya card it declined now you gotta run/
I swear to God out of these lames you the hottest one/
She suck my dick till she hiccup/
Have her comin side ways like a bishop/
I mean im all in her stomach like a sit-up/
I beat so bad that bitch she can't even sit up/
I do them hoes dirty than they do the dishes/
Im doing digits soon i'll buy a clone to fuck ya bitches when im busy/
This dont suit you so nigga just mind ya business/
Been wanting them hands you runnin like total fitness/
I send you niggas to the dentist/
If I said fuck you then I meant it/
If im in a red coup then its tented/
Swear to God imma menance these niggas should call me Dennis/
Just know if im in it a nigga in it to win it/
I be sipping Guinness when they put my name in Guinness/
I piss these niggas off when I crack em in they kidneys/
Got so many hits these bitches waving my pennant get it/

Break Down:
These niggas be/
These niggas be/
These niggas be/
Why these niggas be/
Why these niggas/
Why these niggas be/
Why these niggas be/
Why they mad (ah!) never had a dad?/ (blah!)
I gettem all sad/
Run up on a nigga all that nigga see is black blah blah blah blah/
I cant tell which one's the color or the gun/
These niggas stallin cause these niggas scared to run/
I swear to god they soul taste like my lunch/

Laughs then Sighs


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