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Title : Magick 101: Break Up Spell - Taliesin McKnight
Description : New lessons on magick are posted every Saturday morning!

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*black candle
*pen and paper
*cleansing herbs (some examples include hyssop, rue, white sage, sea salt, etc). WARNING: Be sure that you do NOT use any herb that is toxic or that you have an allergy to, as you will be using these herbs in a bath
*pot to boil water in


*Heat the cleansing herbs in a pot of water. Let this steep into a sort of tea. Strain.
*Run a bath. Pour the cleansing water into the bath. This will be a cleansing bath which will symbolically represent washing this person out of your life.
*Write the person's name three times on the piece of paper. Say:
"This is the last time I write your name."

*Light the black candle. Take a moment to look closely and examine the person's name. Say:
"This is the last time I see your name."

*Get into the bath. Wash down your body while focusing on symbolically washing them out of your life. Be sure to wash in downward strokes as down represents getting rid of. Begin at your head and wash down gradually ending at your feet. As you symbolically wash down, say:

"I wash you out of my life."

*Get out of the bath. Take the paper with the person's name written on it and the black candle. Over the draining water, light the paper on fire and say:

"I burn you out of my life."

*Extinguish the black candle in the draining bath water. Say:

"I extinguish you out of my life."

*Catch some of the bath water in the pot before it all drains. Clothe yourself. then, go to your back yard and throw out the water saying:
"I cast you out of my life."

Note: Each act that you do has the symbolism of casting this person out of your life permanently. The most important aspect of this ritual is the emotional involvement and meaning. Be sure and put your emotion into it. And that is the simple spell. :)

New videos come out every Saturday morning! The topics Taliesin McKnight covers include the simple magick spell techniques, Hoodoo, ceremonial magick, meditation, Qabalah, Hermetic philosophy, alchemy, tarot, astrology, mysticism, and much more!
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