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Title : Minecraft Horse Tutorial (Works 1.11.2): Breeding, Taming Rates, Riding Horses, Feeding Horses
Description : If you like this tutorial, you can see my Minecraft Enchanting Rate videos!

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All information can be found at: /wiki/Horse

5 variations of Horses: Foal, Donkey, Mule, Skeleton horse, & Undead horse.

Horse Foods
Sugar: Heals 1 heart, increases growth by 30 seconds, increases taming by 3%
Wheat: Heals 2 hearts, increases growth by 1 minute, increases taming by 3%
Apple: Heals 3 hearts, speeds growth up by 1 minute, increases taming by 3%
Bread: Heals 7 hearts, increases growth by 3 minutes, increases taming by 3%
Golden Apple: Heals 10 hearts, increase growth by 4 minutes, increases taming by 10%
Hay Block: Heals 20 hearts. speeds growth up by 3 minutes, does in increase taming %

Taming a Horse: Right click the horse with an empty hand. First attempt will always be 0% success rate. Every failed attempt will increase by 5%. Attempt 2 will be 5% attempt 3 will be 10%, attempt 4 will be 15% and so on.

Breeding: To breed one must have 2 horses fully tamed. Once both horses are tamed one must feed wheat to one horse, get off, and ride the other horse, feed them wheat, and then get off and watch them make a foal or baby horse.

---1.9 (Taken From MinecraftWiki)---
Taming: Adult horses, donkeys, and mules can be tamed. With an empty hand mount the horse repeatedly; when it no longer bucks the player and shows hearts, it is tamed. It is necessary to tame a horse in order to breed it, give it equipment, or ride it for any length of time.

The chance of successful taming on the first try is less than 1%, yet it is possible. After the first attempt without taming the horse, the chances increase by about 5%, and usually one can then tame a horse after about 5-6 attempts.

Breeding: Feeding tamed horses golden apples or a golden carrot will activate love mode.[2] Depending on the variations of the parent horses, the offspring can be one of several types. The offspring will be more spindly than their adult versions and will grow progressively larger with time until they reach their full size.

The offspring will not automatically belong to the player who owns its parents. Rather, it will be born as an untamed horse and will need to be tamed. It will not be tamable until it has grown into an adult, a process which takes approximately 20 minutes. The foal can be fed to make it mature faster (Golden apples mature the offspring faster than golden carrots). See table below.

A foal has an attachment to its birth-mother, unless she is killed (in which case it will move to another available horse).

Horse: Breeding two horses produces a horse foal. Usually the new foal has the color of either of its parents. One out of nine times it will take on an uncorrelated color (this color could still be the same as the parents', slightly reducing the probability of the new color being different). Markings work likewise.
Donkey: Breeding two donkeys creates a donkey foal. Since all donkeys have the same texture, the offspring will look exactly like its parents when it is fully grown.
Mules: Cannot be found in the wild, and cannot breed. Mules can only be spawned by breeding a horse with a donkey.
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