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Title : I'm crazy for my student(joick/jick love story episode 7)
Description : *at the end of the day*
(with demi and nick outside of the school parking lot)
Demi:how was chemistry?
Nick:okay? what about spanish?
Nick:thats kool.
Selena:*comes towards them*heyy nick, are you going home today?
Nick:um...idk? are you?
Selena:um...yea i guess. im going to get my car alright. be right back.*walks to her car*
Demi:thats kool.
Nick:whats cool?
Demi:i dont know, im trying to make convo here...
Nick:oh yea.
*beep, beep*
Demi:well thats me...*goes to the car*
Joe:hurry up sis, i need to call mom and dad.
Demi:okay...well bye nick*looks down*
Nick:wait*grabs her and pulls her into a kiss*
Joe:*jaws drop.*
Demi:*pulls away*
Nick:*chuckles* yea.
Demi:um bye?*smiles*
Nick:bye beautiful!*waves*
Demi:*gets into the car* wow that was amazing!
Joe:*piss* shut the fuck up and put on your seat belt!
Demi:whats wrong with you?*trys to touch his arm*
Joe:*moves it away fast* dont fuckin touch me!*driving off the school lot*
Demi:*hurt* joe? whats wrong with you?
Joe:you and nick!
Demi:you told me to ask him!
Joe:i didnt know you meant nick!
Demi:well joe i like him!
Joe:no! i-i do--dont want you to.
Demi:you said hes a great guy!
Joe:well not anymore! you not allowed to talk to him,see him, kiss him,touch him,even get a glance at him!
Demi:*yells*what! this is unfair! why are you acting like an ass?
Joe:*yells*why are you such a bitch!
Demi:fuck you joe!
Joe:*hurt and slaps her*
Demi:*holds her face and starts crying*
Joe:*realizes what he did*demi im sorry...*trys to touch her cheek but she pulls away*
*they get to joes and demi gets out the car and runs into the house to her bedroom*
Joe's POV~
damn,damn,DAMN!! i cant believe i hit my sister! MY SISTER! im such an ass hole. but she made me so mad. i dont know what im feeling. i feel angry/hurt/betrayed/sad. i dont know what to do with myself. i get tears in my eyes not only for demi but nick. i-i love him. i cant believe he kissed her. damn, i should put on a move him fast but i was so blinded by his cuteness i didnt know what to do! UGH! man, i cant stop crying. i mean, whats wrong with me? i feel like a monster to my sister. and nick is creeped out by the things i do to make him know i like him.i guess i should move far away so this pain can go away. i wont have to see nick and think of nick. maybe every once in a while. and i dont have to hurt demi. gosh life is soo hard...i wish everything was simple...i wish my love for nick insted of my sister is simple...~

Nicks POV~
wow that kiss was so...i dont know how to put it in words! i finally have someone that likes me for ME! not beacuse im popular but for me! as demi pulled away from our kiss i shot a quick look at joes face and his faced seemed in pain. i wanted to do that so i can let him know im not into him i dont like guys! espceallily my teacher. i dont care if his hurt or not. i can prove it to him that i DONT like him.but i dont know...i me and selena got in the house i heard loud footsteps from upstairs well heres hell really begins...i looked at selena, she was shaking,im shaking, this man called my father,is evil.after my mom died,things became choatic.just the i felt a shrp pain in my stomach.selena screaming;me on the floor and blood.

well i was debating on making another one tonight. but all they comments saying no nemi. which i wasnt going to make it a nemi. soo i just couldnt wait so i uploaded! i hope you guys like it! 10 comments and rate! :)
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