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Title : Roc Royal Love Story EP:15 1/3
Description : @ The Venue

I was thinking whoa this place is nice , and there was already a lot of people there! The dj started playing this /watch?v=XWCwc1_sYMY&ob=av2e later on Justin and Jaden started performing this

/watch?v=F1-XRJ7KdAs then Jaden pulled me on stage and did this

Jaden: Happy b-day Taylor
Tay: Thnx
Jaden: One more thing...........will you be my girl?
Tay: YESS :)
When he asked me that I almost fainted!!!! Later I performed my Rap which everyone thinks is dope! we cut the cake yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I promised Uncle prod that he'll get the biggest piece , but that was just a joke why on earth would I do that he always eating SMH! Later the OMG Girlz performed that Gucci song! Momma didn't pay attention to them she was just textin and talking to momo! Wonder why? When the party was over we had an after party and I changed into this! (making) Jaden came upto and kissed me and this was my first kiss well one boi kissed me on the cheeck in the 1st grade , but that was nun this was a real kiss

Tay: WHOA!
Jaden : ikr
Tay: Can u do atleast one verse of your rap in Thinking bout you
Jaden: Sure......You my baby girl and I hope you kno it a boi would tell u that he loves , but a man will show it!
Tay: Thnx for doing that line thats my favorite line in the song!
Jaden: Thnx!
Momma came over
Nini: What y'all up to?
Jaden&Tay: Nun!
Nini: Mmmmmmm huh y'all was making out
Tay: Mommma
Nini: Momma my butt lil nastis
She walked away and got some whine
Tay: Sorry my mom can get a lil crazii sometimes
Jaden: My mom is tha same way
Back @ Home

Roc's POV
Nini was so drunk!!! She flopped on the couch I went in the kitchen and got her a glass of water then I went to my room and got the Mac Book I hid under the bed then I knocked on tay's door she was on the phone

Tay: Bye I gotta go! *hangs up* Hi daddy
Roc: Hey I have another surprize for you
Tay: Okay
I gave her the Mac Book
Tay:OMG OMG Thankyou so much
Roc: Your welcome
I left and I went into my room in the bathroom I heard throwing up I went into the bathroom to check on Nini I could just tell it was her!

Nini: *Throwing up a lil* W-Wh-Wha yo-yo-wa-wan?
Roc: I'mma get you some more water
Nini: O-ooootayyy
I got her some more water after she drunk it I told her to go to sleep!

____________________________Next Day!

Bri's POV
I woke up this morning and went downstairs and saw prod eating some ceral

Bri: Good morning
Prod*mouth full* Hi!
I pecked his cheeck then got the milk out the fridge and the ceral that was siting on the counter then I ate

Prod: I love you
Bri: I love you too
Prod: How much do you love me
Bri: as big as this universe!
Prod: Okay I just wanted to check!
Bri: Whateva!
When we finished eating our ceral we went to the family room and started watching the bernie mac show outta no where Tay came downstairs

Tay: Good morning
Bri&Prod: Good morning
Tay: Do y'all kno if my mom is feeling better 'cause she was a hot mess last nite!
Bri: I don't go ask your daddy
Tay: iight
Tay's POV
I knocked on the door then I opened it , but daddy was kissing all over momma and stuff then I left them ALONE! they discust me! I went to my room and I saw that I had a miss call from Jaden I called him back

Phone Convo t=tay j=jaden
J: W'sup babygirl(like in thinking bout you)
T: Nun just woke up, but what were u calling me for
J: Oh I wanted to see if u wanted to go to the movies with me
T: Well my aunty nique was taking me on a shopping spree 2day
J: Oh
T: Don't be bumbed I can ask her to change the date shes a nice aunt
J: Okay
T: I'll ask her
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