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Title : चिंता मुक्त ज़िन्दगी | Stress Free Life | Stress Management Video । TsMadaan
Description : Stress is increasing day by day. The family responsibility, job accountability, business competition gives us stress. The daily expenditures are not going to lower and number of hours in the day are not going to increase. How can this stress be removed?

Richard Lazarus says that your inability to work and the work, your capacity do achieve and the goal, the imbalance between both is the stress.

Two things are derived from this famous quote, either you stop doing the things. But in this case how will you grow. How will you succeed.

then the other meaning is if you want to grow you will have to have stress. The only thing we should do is to manage the stress to our advantage. Let us try to find the possible reasons of stress. One is job insecurity. You are never sure of your job. The economy may take a turn. The global reasons, technological advancements and government policies can make you jobless overnight.

The small salary package is another reason of stress. Majority of you find the job by chance and not by choice. You try to grab any opportunity comes your way, tomorrow that remains or not, you never know.

During my childhood, I used to reside in Amritsar. At that time we were having the branch of Standard Chartered Bank. We felt proud of it. As per my information, the bank had around 135 crores rupees deposit at that time which was highest among all bank in Amritsar but lowest in standard chartered bank branches all over India. So bank decided to close Amritsar branch and overnight the proud employees of this multinational bank became job less.

Likewise in business, in families, in society etc. you have number of reasons of stress. Majority of you use temporary ways to reduce stress like smoking, drinking, sleeping, over eating etc. they are temporary and give side effects too.

Try to understand your capacity. Do whatever you can. Avoid unnecessary stress. Only keep supportive stress. Do not rely on your memory. Ask your secretary yes, your cell phone to remember your appointments and get your self stress free. Even I do shopping with debit and credit cards only just to avoid the stress at shops. They ask for change, for new currency and they offer toffees in stead of balance coins.

Forget and forgive to avoid unnecessary stress. Do not watch negative news on TV the idiot box and do not watch tv serials too. Why watch these irelavant news and then discuss it in your family. I avoid three discussion topics in my family, politics, religion and sex.

Planning in advance can also help you. If you fail to plan means you plan to fail. The time management and priority setting videos on my this channel can also be of great help to you in managing stress.

This motivational video for success in Hindi is useful for students, teachers, professionals, men, women, teenagers, children, and all others. I am dedicating this video to sister BK Shivani of brahma kumaris. The message tips for schools and colleges is that try to organise regular stress management lectures in your organisation.

Thanks for watching and reading too.

TS Madaan
Motivation Speaker | Life Coach
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